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Kondura_Logo_250x250Kondura Technologies is a privately owned small business that was established by Craven Coetzee in 1998. He was the sole member of the Closed Corporation and had been involved in a few other I.T. ventures with the name “Kondura” used prior to this. He has over 30 years of exposure to computers and over 25 years of exposure to the corporate IT industry.

Kondura means “awakening”

Old_Business_Card_CutFrom 1987 to 1996, he did various projects in computer programming in some of the earliest database management systems. This company was a sole proprietry called “Kondura Software Development”. Projects included work in C (on a SCO Unix system), Clipper, dBase, FoxPro, Clarion, Visual Basic as well as working on and maintaining early Networks such as LANtastic, SCO Unix & Novell.

After moving to Port Elizabeth in mid-1995, he was employed by Compustat, a prominent I.T. service provider at the time as a Senior Network Engineer to service and support networks for their larger corporate customers, Cadbury’s & Good Year to mention but a few. After Compustat changed hands, he decided to launch a new venture, initially supporting a niche in the attorney market, but then later branching out to other corporate customers. He was involved in several high profile legal cases.

Kondura Logo Ring onlyThe company has grown from strength-to-strength and is now one of the most respected small, medium enterprise I.T. support companies in Port Elizabeth today. When other I.T. firms can’t solve a problem, they come to us.

The name “Kondura” and circular “hurricane” logo symbol was exclusively created by him in about 1985 when, as a young teenager and dabbling in early programming languages (GW Basic, Assembler & C), he wanted to have a unique name for his programming projects. The original symbol was a hurricane in a circle symbolising “containing chaos and the bringing control out of chaos” In 2002, this company logo was later updated to the the modern-looking and more letterhead-friendly “K” symbol. The original symbol is still used in certain other businesses and projects.

In October 2010, the jabberwocky.co.za on-line web site was launched, but due to high incidents of attempts at credit card fraud, this site was converted in December 2011 to a technology blog to serve our customer base. We have since sold the name and rights of the jabberwocky.co.za artwork to a private individual.

In early 2015, Craven Coetzee began shifting responsibility and management of his sites to his most trusted employees with plans to step back from management of the company to focus on a new, more versatile skillset with the goal of taking a sabbatical as he had not taken a single days leave in over twenty years as manager of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC.

By 2017, he had streamlined the business with such effective procedures and policies in place – to the point that he was mostly just handling minor issues and putting out fires while furthering his studies. He realized, however, that an expansion of services was necessary as the single-focus IT support and sales was being slowly destroyed by Government-imposed BB-BEE obstacles to growth.

All KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES customers traditionally have minimal downtime and service interruptions compared to competitors. In over twenty years, not a single customer has lost data if it was under the supervision of a KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES Service Level Agreement.

After unsuccessfully trying a merger with almost every local IT support firm in Port Elizabeth and found their skills and procedures either grossly inadequate or incompatible with KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES service delivery and procedures philosophy, and searching for over three years to find a manager with management and IT skills to support his staff and clients, effective the 15th January 2018, Claude Botha from Jocote Technologies (Pty) Ltd. in East London, an individual that KONDURA had worked on many successful projects and “client-share” projects finally joined forces with Craven Coetzee to continue and bring new services to the business.

To simplify integration of staff and services, it was decided that Claude Botha would purchase the business (excluding the CC) as a “going concern” retaining all KONDURA Technical staff and assuming the ongoing obligations, responsibilities to SLA customers and clients of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC with Craven Coetzee acting as a consultant to the new company – stepping back from management responsibilities to focus on his studies and assisting as needed.

It was a “joining of forces”, but as KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC had some unresolved tax issues and Craven Coetzee was 100% member of the CC and Claude did not wish to be part of the existing Closed Corporation and assume any of his liabilities, a new company was launched, namely Jocote Technologies (Pty) Ltd. T/A KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES with Claude Botha as the director and Craven Coetzee as consultant for the new company.

It is “business as usual” with new services coming to existing customers. Claude Botha is moving his entire family down to Port Elizabeth, has already put skilled support and managers in charge of his East London operation and intends commuting between branches and spreading the Jocote/Kondura philosophy of support throughout Port Elizabeth and then nationally.


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