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USEFUL APP: Microsoft Office Lens

We demonstrate a FREE Microsoft app for IOS or Android that we use in our business to straighten, store images into our document managing system. No video playing – only sound? CLICK HERE to go direct to the video on YouTube Craven Coetzee: “This is a very useful app I use almost everyday to...
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HOW TO speed up your computer – step by step

Craven Coetzee of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES shows you some quick, easy tips on “how to make your computer run better” with some simple apps like Piriform’s CCLEANER. CCleaner – Free Download or try CCleaner Professional – Piriform HOW TO speed up your computer – step by step guide – FREE! No video playing – only...
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Protect Yourself! Facebook RECOMMENDED privacy settings

Facebook – damned if you use it, damned if you don’t. If you’re like me, you want to keep in contact with friends, family, colleagues socially, but not become a victim of social media engineering and/or identity theft. In this video, I discuss ways you can minimize this happening: No video playing – only...
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facebook and email scams – how to avoid being a victim – discussion & advice

Internet Scams are everywhere and Facebook, e-mail, sms messages, whatsapp are all being used. Craven Coetzee, owner of Kondura Technologies chats about how to avoid most. It’s actually simpler than you may think to not become a victim. No video playing – only sound? CLICK HERE to go direct to the video on YouTube
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Touching the Surface – OneNote, OneDrive

A few weeks ago, I downloaded a free Android App for my mobile called “OneNote”. Recently one of my customers asked me if there was an app that could save all his passwords, make notes so that he can access it all in one place as well as being able to access them from a...
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Your notebook or computer on steroids – the SSD

SSD – Solid State Drive. Windows takes some 40 to 60 seconds to boot from when it starts displaying the “starting windows” logo. A computer fitted with an SSD? From 6 to 20 seconds depending on the drive you buy, your computer speed, age of technology and on what operating system you are running....
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Stop PoPping and start Pushing with Office365 /or Exchange!

Got a “smart” phone? Why you using a “dumb” POP3 mailbox? struggling with syncing of mail? You shouldn’t be if you’ve got a Microsoft Exchange mail account. If you have two or more users, it may be more viable to switch to Office365 and Kondura Technologies can help you with this, at about R60 per month...
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