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First Floor, 193 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, 6001,

PO BOX 10613, Linton Grange, 6015

Telephone: 0861 64 2580

Fax: 0866 32 2124

COMPANY TERMS AND CONDITIONSAs at 1st March 2013All legal entities, individuals and debtors that deal whether directly or indirectly in business with Kondura Technologies cc are hereby collectively referred to in this document as “customers” or as “the customer”.

Any employees (past and present) of Kondura Technologies cc, the suppliers of Kondura Technologies cc (past and present) and any and all of the agents of Kondura Technologies cc (past and present) are hereby collectively referred to in this document as “representatives” of Kondura Technologies cc.

Customers unconditionally accept and acknowledge being made aware of the following and accept all terms and conditions here-in this web-page or document.


All prices stated or quoted in any document or correspondence between Kondura Technologies cc and customer are, unless specified otherwise, excluding Value Added Tax at the current rate of 14%.


All prices given on quotations or correspondence are based strictly on Cash on Delivery (COD) payment terms.


All equipment and prices quoted on are subject to change without notice and subject to R/$ and other exchange rates and subject to stock availability.


Prices and stock availability must be confirmed at time of order by the customer.


The correct debtor information (who exactly is to be billed), correct billing address, contact information, a valid order number and authorized signature is to be given to Kondura Technologies cc prior to ordering any and all stock.


No items will be ordered and no services will be initiated without a signed quotation faxed /or mailed back to Kondura Technologies cc.


Customers are to be aware that prices of items when bought individually may differ significantly from those quoted as part of a bundled deal.





If a computer is a pre-built OEM system (such as a Proline-branded PC or Mecer-brand PC), the operating system software license agreement may be bundled / included in the price of the “case” as per OEM agreement with Microsoft ™ and may or may not appear visible as a separate item / cost on the invoice.


Branded / OEM System computers will include a software license, but may not in all cases (depending on supplier and license-type) include the installation disks. Software may or may not be pre-installed for the customer.


“White Box” or “Unbranded” computers do not include any operating system license or software or installation disks.


If software is not quoted on, or does not appear on an invoice, then the software license and disks will not be supplied or installed on a computer and it is the customer’s responsibility to supply Kondura Technologies cc with legal licenses of software to install on the computer.


The legality of the software used in pre-loading a PC for a customer is the sole liability and responsibility of the customer and the customer indemnifies Kondura Technologies cc for any legal liabilities for loading/installing any software on his/her computer.


It is accepted by the customer that Kondura Technologies cc is completely indemnified from any and all legal action whether directly or indirectly for loading any software and accepts that Kondura Technologies cc will not be held responsible or legally liable under any circumstances for pre-loading a computer with an illegal license.


It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that all software installed on his/her computers is legal. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that his/her computers run legal software and that he/she has adequate software licenses.


The customer accepts full, unconditional liability and responsibility for any software he instructs or requests Kondura Technologies cc to install, update or re-load on his computer systems.





Cash Customers / New Customers:

All customer’s or entities who have not applied for credit terms with our company are to pay immediately upon presentation of invoice (COD).


At time of the call-out, the correct debtor information (ie. WHO is paying for the service and/or goods delivered) – Full Physical Address, Telephone, Cell-phone, Contact details to be given and filled in on the Technician’s Job Card.


Existing / Account Customers:


Any customer or entity that has been accepted by us for terms/account with us must pay promptly on presentation of statement (ie. all our existing customers have a “current” term account).


Kondura Technologies cc does not, under any circumstances, give terms for longer than a “current” account period.

Definition of “current” terms: Stock supplied and/or services rendered are to be paid no later than the last day of the month that stock was delivered and/or rendered.


Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at the maximum legally permitted rate.


All equipment will remain the property of Kondura Technologies cc until paid for in full.


Any jobs / issues that are not resolved on a call-out must please be brought to the attention of one of the staff at Kondura Technologies cc immediately at our office number of 0861 642580 so that we may endeavour to remedy the problem. It is not acceptable to withhold payment on an account due to a problem that was not resolved and we were not notified at the time of the problem.


The customer hereby agrees to not withhold full payment for an account when an individual job / job-card or portion of a job-card is under dispute.


Kondura Technologies cc reserves the right to with-hold or deny return of any equipment belonging to a customer if an account is outstanding by the customer until such time as the account is settled in full to Kondura Technologies cc. In addition, the customer agrees to not hold Kondura Technologies liable for any reason whatsoever for any damages incurred either directly or indirectly through with-holding of any such equipment.


The customer hereby agrees to not withhold full payment for any physical stock item that has been delivered when an individual job / job-card or labour portion of a job-card is under dispute.


The customer accepts that he/she will pay Kondura Technologies cc for goods or services delivered or rendered within the minimum stipulated company term repayment period (“current” terms) and that failing to do so, he/she accepts full, unconditional liability to Kondura Technologies cc for all legal costs to recover the amount from him/her as well as the cost of the equipment and services as well as any interest accrued.





Any and all warranties are honoured by our suppliers and not directly by Kondura Technologies cc. We are merely a retail agent and consulting firm. We do not manufacture computer equipment and we do not repair computers or electronic equipment at a component level.


All warranties / swap-outs / replacements are subject strictly to the supplier’s terms and conditions and their sole discretion at how they intend to honour the warranty.


All warranties are “carry-in” warranties.


If items are repaired or collected on-site, a standard labour or collection or delivery fee will be charged.


Regardless of what any quotation (or any literature or wording on packaging supplied with any product) indicates, all fans on any components or any repair done to a component carry a maximum of three months warranty.


A computer component or computer CPU or GPU that is damaged due to a fan not cooling it sufficiently, heat damage, power surges or due to a customer “over-clocking” the CPU or GPU or otherwise “tampering” with or modifying components is not covered by warranty. Warranty will be void in these circumstances.

Customers may not break any seals placed on any OEM systems or any components that have seals on them for that matter. This voids the warranty.


“White Box” /or “unbranded” Computers are not usually supplied with any software and have a year carry-in warranty unless specified under the special conditions or if the supplier’s warranty differs.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate backups before handing a computer over to Kondura Technologies cc or one of its suppliers to be repaired.


It is accepted that Kondura Technologies cc or its suppliers will under no circumstances be held liable / responsible if one of its suppliers or representatives erases or loses data or information in an attempt to repair a hardware or software problem.


Warranties periods may differ on each individual component. Non-standard components fitted to branded pre-built computers generally carry a one year warranty. However, individual components may differ depending on the manufacturer.


Should the customer require Kondura Technologies cc to transfer, backup data, move or install or set up the equipment in a quotation, please note that if this is not specified, it will be charged for at our current labour support rates.


Damage caused to equipment or data by theft, damage in-transit, lightning, power surges, accidents or negligence will not be covered by us nor by our supplier’s warranty as this is an insurance claim to be taken up with the customer’s insurance company.


Computer problems related to viruses, spyware, “malware” (malicious software), corruption, or any software or firmware problem, etc. are not covered by warranty or guarantees. Software is not covered by warranty.





As at the 1st March 2013, our labour call-out rates are as follows:

R 320 excluding VAT minimum call-out fee (for the first 15 minutes) or

R 420 excluding VAT minimum call-out – for the first hour (15 minutes or more),

R 380 excluding VAT per additional hour or part there-of

R 595 excluding VAT per hour for Senior Technician rates /or network and/or server related labour.

R 195 excluding VAT additional charge / travel / fuel for areas 20~40km outside the CBD


All labour rates stated refer to labour performed during normal office hours (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

On Sundays and Public Holidays, apply an “overtime” rate of 2x times the rate to any of the above rates.

At all other times, apply an “overtime” rate of 1.5x times the rate to any of the above rates.





Please note that we are a consulting company. We charge for time spent and not for the successful completion of tasks or jobs performed on any single job card. The customer must accept that “job” or attempt to solve a problem may span across several job cards and that the problem, due to circumstances beyond our control, may not be resolved or resolved as promptly as the customer expects.


The customer is hereby made aware and accepts that unfortunately, many IT, computer or network problems may only be solved through a (sometimes lengthy) process of elimination.


This may take time and several attempts and more than one visit to a site. The customer accepts any and all costs in an attempt to resolve a problem.


Hence, the customer accepts the cost of ALL the call-outs, time spent and/or processes in the job to solve the problem – regardless of whether the problem was solved or not during the entire consulting process.




All labour rates specified are for businesses & sites within a 15km radius of the Port Elizabeth Central Business District Area.


Uitenhage has travel surcharge of R195 excluding VAT.

Despatch has a travel surcharge of R195 excluding VAT.

Coega has a travel surcharge of R195 excluding VAT.


Areas that are further away are charged at a rate of R3.50 per Km travelled.


NOTE: travel fee is charged for time spent traveling to the location as well as time/distance back from the location.


These are our standard rates – unless the customer is on contract to us or unless special conditions apply.





Once signed, a quotation is a legally binding order & the customer is liable for payment.


Once ordered or delivered, stock cannot & will not be returned, nor will it be accepted for credit under any circumstances or for any reason.


Once Kondura Technologies cc has delivered stock to the customer, or to any designated delivery location or guardian specified by the customer, the customer is solely liable, responsible and accountable to Kondura Technologies cc for payment of the stock. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to insure the stock against theft, loss, fire or any other harm that could damage or reduce the value of the stock items.

Kondura Technologies cc does not guarantee the performance or suitability of a product for any particular purpose or function. The onus is on the customer to ensure this based on recommendations & his own research.





The customer hereby indemnifies Kondura Technologies cc and its representatives against any legal claim or liability for damage or loss that may be incurred due to his/her computer equipment or data being lost, stolen or damaged while in transit, or at Kondura Technologies cc Premises’ or at any time when in the possession of Kondura Technologies cc or one of its representative for repair or quotation to be repaired purposes.


Damage or loss caused to equipment by lightning, power surges, accidents, vandalism, negligence or theft will not be covered by Kondura Technologies cc or by our supplier’s warranty as this is an insurance claim to be taken up with the customer’s insurance company.


It is the customer’s sole responsibility to insure against loss of data, property, damage, theft, fire, any loss whatsoever and to ensure that he/she has reliable, recent backups. The customer indemnifies Kondura Technologies cc against any and all legal claims against such events.





Most importantly, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate backups prior to any computer, data-containing device being collected by Kondura Technologies cc and it is accepted that Kondura Technologies cc and its representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any loss due to theft, accidental damage or damage caused for whatever reason while in the possession of Kondura Technologies cc.





By dealing with Kondura Technologies cc, the customer hereby indemnifies Kondura Technologies cc and its representatives against any loss of any nature whatsoever for whatever reason incurred by hereby accepting that Kondura Technologies cc will under no circumstances be held liable for any damage, loss of data, earnings either caused directly or indirectly by Kondura Technologies cc or one of it’s representatives working on any of his/her electronic equipment, network or computers or through any dealings with Kondura Technologies cc.




All e-mail or other correspondence & any files transmitted with it between the customer and Kondura Technologies cc are confidential & intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to who they are addressed. If a customer receives an email in error, it is requested that he delete the mail & notify the sender immediately. It is the sole responsibility of the customer that receives mails from Kondura Technologies cc and their representatives to scan the e-mail & any and attached files for viruses & the like. Kondura Technologies cc & the sender accepts no liability of whatever nature for any loss, liability, damage or expense resulting directly or indirectly from any such viruses or from receiving, reading or opening these mails.





Any and all queries, problems please contact “Craven Coetzee” on 082 787 7877 between the hours of 8am and 5pm or send an e-mail to craven@kondura.co.za


All account queries or issues can be resolved by our book-keeper on 0861 64 2580 or be mailed to accounts@kondura.co.za