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Terms & Conditions


E&OE. If any term herein is in violation of any government or legislation present in South Africa, only that specific rule or precedent will apply and the affected clause herein negated. All other terms and conditions remain.

This page, these terms and conditions are subject to change, additions and deletions at any time.


We are a consulting firm. Billing is based on actual time spent on-site or attempting to resolve an issue. It is not based on specific tasks performed or completed.


All legal entities, individuals, customers, clients and debtors that deal whether directly or indirectly in business with Kondura Technologies cc are hereby collectively referred to in this document as “THE CUSTOMER”

THE CUSTOMER unconditionally accepts and acknowledge being made aware of the following and accept all terms and conditions here-in this web-page or document.

THE CUSTOMER will provide correct debtor information (exactly which legal entity is to be billed), correct billing address, contact information and a valid order number and authorized signature is to be given prior to ordering any and all goods and services if this is a prerequisite of THE CUSTOMER’s business.

All prices are quoted in EXCLUDING VAT unless specifically advised otherwise. This includes all quotations, correspondence, negotitiations or communications with KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC or its representatives.

THE CUSTOMER is to understand that prices of items when bought individually may differ significantly from those quoted as part of a bundled deal.

All prices are subject to Rand / US$ exchange rates as well as stock availability. Prices are only accepted as current upon placement of order.

Any and all prices quoted are not binding until it is confirmed by KONDURA TECHNOLGIES CC to be valid.

LABOUR RATES – as at 1st March 2017

These are rates for long-standing business customers. Lower rates may or may not be applicable depending on Service Level Agreements (SLA) in place.

  • Minimum “on site” Call-Out Rate: R350 excluding VAT for less than 15 minutes support
  • Minimum “on site” Call-Out Rate: R465 excluding VAT for call-outs 15 minutes or more – first hour
  • Travel Surcharge: 195 ex VAT for areas outside the Port Elizabeth CBD but less than 35Km away
  • Travel Rate per Km for customers outside the CBD: R8,50 per Km Travelled TO as well as FROM customer  – this includes both time and fuel.
  • Hourly rate (after first hour): R415 excluding VAT
  • Minimum “in office” hourly rate or remote desktop / telephonic support: R300 excluding VAT (less than 15 minutes)
  • Minimum “in office” hourly rate or remote desktop / telephonic support: R415 excluding VAT (15 minutes or more)
  • Call surcharge (if we call you or your staff back to help you fix an issue): R1,50 excluding VAT per minute
  • Surcharge for minor tasks: R75 (eg. Cell Phone data top-ups on behalf of THE CUSTOMER, mailbox auto-replies/out-of-office, mailbox name changes, user creation, etc)

These rates are applicable to our “office hours”. Any other time outside Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.30pm, our rate is DOUBLE the rates listed above. We do not use a 1.5x multiplier. It is irrelevant whether it is a public holiday or after hours. All rates are X2 after hours.


“Goods and Services” described herein may refer to digital software and/or software licenses, rental agreements, physical stock or labour and services provided by KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC.

All goods delivered remain the sole property of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC until paid for in full. The customer agrees to grant KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC or its representatives access at all times to their premises to recover goods and services not paid for. THE CUSTOMERt will be liable for 20% surcharge for any goods returned as well as the costs replacement or repair of any goods that were damaged prior to collection while on the THE CUSTOMER’s premises or otherwise in their possession.

THE CUSTOMER will be liable for any and all legal fees relating to the collection of goods and services that have not been paid for on time.


Unless specifically advised so in writing, all accounts with KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC are CURRENT accounts. This means that any services or goods supplied must be paid for, in full, no later than the end of the month in which these services or goods were supplied.

Special order items or new CUSTOMERS are to pay strictly on a CASH up front basis.

Within seven days from failure to pay for any services or goods after the current month, KONDURA TECHOLOGIES reserves the right to demand return of and collect goods from THE CUSTOMER’s premises as well as hand over the THE CUSTOMER for collection of any and all goods or moneys outstanding. THE CUSTOMER agrees to settle any and all outstanding interest and accepts liability for any and all legal fees, interest on capital amounts outstanding as well as for recovery of money for goods and services provided by KONDURA TECHNOLOIGES CC.

In addition, for non-payment or delayed payment, KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC reserves the right to suspend support or assistance of any kind whatsoever to THE CUSTOMER until payment on THE CUSTOMER’s account is made in full regardless of whether the customer is on an SLA (Service Level Agreement) or not.


All warranties are honoured by their respective distributors and manufactures and strictly subject to their warranty policy and procedures. KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES is not a manufacturer, nor a distributor. We are agents. Goods are purchased from distributors and we act as an agent in their supply and delivery. KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC will not, under any circumstance be held liable for any costs or loss incurred should a manufacturer or distributor refuse to honour a warranty or decide that the warranty is void or if they decide to repair, rather than replace any goods supplied or to supply a refurbished unit as a replacement. KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC has no control over the procedures and policies of manufacturers and distributors and therefore repairs and replacements are solely at the discretion of the manufacturer or distributor of any goods or services sold and strictly subject to their terms and conditions. KONDURA TECHNOLOGY CC, as an agent is not liable, nor responsible for honouring warranties of any goods or services provided.

Damage or loss caused to equipment by lightning, power surges, accidents, vandalism, negligence or theft will not be covered by KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC or possibly by a manufacturer or distributors warranty as this is an insurance claim to be taken up with THE CUSTOMERS insurance company.


THE CUSTOMER hereby indemnifies KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC and its representatives against any legal claim or liability for damage or loss that may be incurred due to THE CUSTOMER’s computer equipment or data being lost, stolen or damaged while in transit, or at KONDURA TECHOLOGIES CC premises’ or at any time when in the possession of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC or one of its representative for repair or quotation to be repaired purposes.

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to insure against loss of data, property, damage, theft, fire, any loss whatsoever and to ensure that he/she has reliable, recent backups. The customer indemnifies KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC against any and all legal claims against such events.

BACKUPS: It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate backups prior to any computer, data-containing device being collected by Kondura Technologies cc and it is accepted that Kondura Technologies cc and its representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any loss due to theft, accidental damage or damage caused for whatever reason while in the possession of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC.

LOSS/DAMAGE: By dealing with Kondura Technologies cc, the customer hereby indemnifies KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES and its representatives against any loss of any nature whatsoever for whatever reason incurred by hereby accepting that KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC will under no circumstances be held liable for any damage, loss of data, earnings either caused directly or indirectly by KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC or one of it’s representatives working on any of his/her electronic equipment, network or computers or through any dealings with KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC.

E-MAIL: Errors and omissions excepted. Any e-mails or digital correspondence of any kind and its contents including any information, files, links to internet web sites and any other content transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this e-mail in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of it is strictly prohibited. In this case, we request that you please delete this mail, its contents and all attachments and notify the sender immediately. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC nor any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. It is the sole responsibility of the recipient to scan this e-mail and any attached files for malicious software such as viruses, malware, spyware and the like. The sender and KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC accepts no responsibility for any loss, liability, damage or expense incurred for whatever nature resulting directly or indirectly from any harmful software code (eg. viruses, spyware or malware) or content contained in this mail or from receiving, reading or opening this mail.

BANKING / PHISHING SCAM ALERT/WARNING: KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC will not, under any circumstances request a change of banking details nor request a redirection of payment to a different bank account  without physical proof of identity presented either in person or via an official YouTube video from the owner, Mr Craven Coetzee. Immediately contact us if such a request is ever made either by e-mail or telephonic instruction.