Free Fax 2 e-mail Service

Kondura Technologies offers a free fax to e-Mail service.

To set up is very simple process. Simply CLICK HERE and fill in your name and e-mail address. Your new fax number will be mailed to you.


We set up a number for you tied to an e-mail address you supply us with. If someone sends a fax to this number, you receive it as a e-mail with the fax attached as a document when you download your e-mail. Anywhere you can download or view your e-mail, you can have someone send you a fax. Receiving of faxes is a free service, is very reliable, and as the fax is now digital and sent via e-mail,

  • allows you to view the fax on your PC screen – saving you money on paper and toner.
  • allows you a simple means to archive, back-up and re-print your old faxes and
  • makes your fax “machine” completely mobile.
  • no additional telephone lines or software needed
  • receive faxes to multiple fax numbers – one for each person in your company
  • usually better quality faxes than received via a fax machine
  • receive simultaneous faxes –
  • line is never engaged and faxes won’t get lost
  • receive confidential faxes and personal documents directly to your e-mail inbox

e-mail_logoThe option to set up receiving of faxes is 100% free & costs you and your company nothing at all – neither for the setup nor for the cost to receive faxes.

The option to send faxes can also be configured (ie. print from your MS-word or any other Windows program straight to a fax. If you require this, we can set this up for you as well and supply you with current sending costs/rates – similar to sending via a Telkom land-line.