Our goal is to provide our customers with …

  • cost-effective,
  • reliable,
  • efficient,
  • long-term solutions to their I.T. Problems

As we are a smaller, more mobile, more versatile & progressive business, we have used this to our advantage and adapt quicker to new trends and technologies in the I.T. Marketplace than some of our competitors do.

We offer cost-effective, practical and consistent advice to your I.T. problems. We have a solid book-keeping, job-card system and paper trail to ensure smooth and open business dealings at all times.

We have been in business for over 14 years now with numerous business partners that we deem reliable and ethical that can help us, or give us advice to help you. No matter how large or more successful we become, we will always endeavour to keep the “personal touch”.

We feel that it’s good to keep up with the “big” I.T. companies, but we strive to not make our customers feel like a number – to not lose that personal touch.

Far too many IT companies put their customers into a red tape rigid “queue” or “ticket system” regardless of the seriousness of the problem.

We understand that some problems are more urgent than others and are flexible to change our schedules to help.