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Microsoft, one of the early adopters of #BITCOIN has ditched the crypto-token. It joins other companies that have lost faith in #cryptocurrencies such as DELL, Steam and Newegg. They cite volatility, high transaction fees. References: Microsoft drops Bitcoin support http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/cryptocurrency/microsoft-halts-bitcoin-transactions-because-its-an-unstable-currency/ http://www.inverse.com/article/40012-bitcoin-microsoft-cryptocurrency-payments
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OPINION: #BITCOIN #cryptocurrency a ponzi scheme, a scam

So much to say. So little time. More to follow. Facebook adverts seem to love spamming the new trends, the latest “get rich quick” ads. Not sure what came before these, but my earliest recollections are Ponzi-type Schemes, Pyramid-type Schemes, then came Multi-Level Marketing , then Forex Trading was all the rage, now… there’s...
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“INTEL” Security Flaw – not only Intel – Apple / ARM / Cortex-A also affected

In case you haven’t heard, a security flaw was found in Intel Chips (and others) dating back over a decade. Even the latest chips have it. The hardware can’t be “patched” / fixed with a microcode update with a result that the operating system designer has to modify their O/S or kernel to accommodate...
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Welcome to Kondura Technologies – SEASONS GREETINGS!

SEASONS GREETINGS! Welcome to our blog, company information site. Please feel free to browse. Check back regularly for updates and news! Regards, Craven Coetzee (Kondura Technologies CC) DISCLAIMER/LEGAL: Regarding purchases and supply of stock, please note that due to attempted multiple fraudulent purchases, we have discontinued the on-line stock sales department and we only...
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HOW TO set up an out of office reply for Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010

It’s that time of year again! You need to set an “out of office” or auto-responder. It is one of the most requested things we get asked to do by customers. If you don’t have this facility with your e-mail, it’s time to upgrade your mail to Office 365 Exchange Online – maybe even upgrade your IT support company for not telling you to do this in 2013 already! Outlook is so much more now than “just e-mail” – Office 365 Exchange Online allows sharing of diaries/calendars, shared To Do lists, contacts, synchronized mail and more!

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Applies to Microsoft Outlook connected to a corporate-class e-mail service – either an On-Site dedicated, local Microsoft Exchange Server or to a cloud-connected Office 365 Exchange Online Plan account.

DON’T DO THIS: We show you! Opening the e-mails the IT guy tells you NOT to open!

Craven from Kondura Technologies chats about and shows you what those dangerous actually mails do when you open them, what those scammers want from you. Opens a bunch of e-mails from scammers, identity theft cyber-criminals and phishers – The United Nations, IMF, Western Union all offer me money. DO NOT open these e-mails either...
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USEFUL APP: Microsoft Office Lens

We demonstrate a FREE Microsoft app for IOS or Android that we use in our business to straighten, store images into our document managing system.

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Craven Coetzee: “This is a very useful app I use almost everyday to cut out only the text and align it neatly from my photos. It is highly underrated for what it does. Microsoft Office Lens – available from Google Play store.”

HOW TO speed up your computer – step by step

Craven Coetzee of KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES shows you some quick, easy tips on “how to make your computer run better” with some simple apps like Piriform’s CCLEANER. CCleaner – Free Download or try CCleaner Professional – Piriform HOW TO speed up your computer – step by step guide – FREE! No video playing – only...
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Protect Yourself! Facebook RECOMMENDED privacy settings

Facebook – damned if you use it, damned if you don’t. If you’re like me, you want to keep in contact with friends, family, colleagues socially, but not become a victim of social media engineering and/or identity theft. In this video, I discuss ways you can minimize this happening: No video playing – only...
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