two of the best SME IT support companies just got bigger, better – as ONE. “Business as Usual”

Dear Customers,

As of Monday, 15th January 2018, one of the oldest, most respected Small Medium Enterprise (SME) computer support companies in Port Elizabeth, KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC‘s business has been sold as a “going concern” and has been acquired by Jocote Technologies (Pty) Ltd. under the new management of Claude Botha. Craven Coetzee will continue on temporarily in an advisory capacity as an independent consultant.

First and foremost, you have our assurances of ongoing service excellence!

To existing customers of both Jocote Technologies (Pty) Ltd. in East London as well as KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC in Port Elizabeth, DON’T PANIC! Nothing is changing – except getting better, having more techies at your disposal & additional services.

  • Same Technicians,
  • Same Service,
  • Same Products,
  • Same Agreements!


and NEW services and support including:
CCTV installations, repairs,
Biometrics installations, repairs (card/fingerprint readers),
Access Control
Data, Network Cabling & Fibre
Rentals of notebooks, projectors,
Solar, Invertors, Remote I.T. / CCTV Installations

Absolutely nothing is “closing down” – it’s business as usual – for customers and clients for both companies. We have your best interests at heart. Always.

We are consolidating and falling under the umbrella of ONE company Jocote Technologies (Pty) Ltd. T/A KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES.

Our goal is to be the #1 all-in-one turnkey IT company in the Eastern Cape. Call us to fix everything. No “pass-the-buck” attitude as we will have all the necessary in-house services. We just get the job done – supporting ALL your interests in the Eastern Cape.

This had to be done as focusing on a single sector of the IT industry (IT support and sales) was simply not feasible for any longer. We had to grow, or die on the vine! To protect ourselves, our staff and our customers. We are creating jobs, training and new opportunities in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

With his procedural “by the book” management style, Craven Coetzee has not really “needed” to be actively involved in management of the business in Port Elizabeth for at least three (3) months now – delegating responsibilities to his existing employees, and assistant manager, Lee Robertson with Craven only assisting with the rare crisis. Over 90% of his time was spent managing “off-site” / remotely with only the occasional “catch-up” Tuesday management meeting with staff. Our staff know what they’re doing. Many have been with KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES for over 15 years. All our sites are set up the same, run the same, are managed the same. Based on our track record, we are one of the few IT companies that do “preventative maintenance” and “managed services” the right way. We are light years ahead of the competition. We routinely cut our customer’s business operating costs by dozens of wasted hours of labour each month.

Jethro Penny has been groomed by Claude Botha to be assistant manager for the East London Area.

It’s important to note that this is an expansion of services, of support and service employees, not a change of services!

Claude Botha is merely expanding his business interests, offering more services to his existing client base as well as KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC client base.

Claude and Craven both have a solid ICT Business and Project Management Skills with Claude bringing his meticulous management style to support and manage KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC’s clients, having set up every aspect of the IT infrastructure from scratch for numerous large chain retail franchises both locally and nationally in South Africa. Both managers have vast experience in multiple IT sectors of the economy, including retail, manufacturing, financial and legal.


Since taking over, and as he has been doing for several months, Claude will make regular trips, skype/conference calls to ensure your business interests are taken care of.

Remote support technology permits much faster support and now with the technicians in Port Elizabeth and East London able to assist any customer in either location, every one of our customers benefit and overall, our service levels as far as “turn-around” time will inevitably improve even further.

With the additional services we offer, and with less parties involved in the over-all support of one client, with us doing most (if not all) of your IT work, we truly will minimize your down-time on time-critical projects. We plan. You relax and let us take care of cabling, CCTV, servers, networking all under one roof.

KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES remains one of the leading Microsoft “Clean Reseller” partners in the Eastern Cape, offering advanced support, first-hand experience and advice for Office 365, Exchange Online cloud-hosted mail, services and installations.

Rest assured that this process has carefully been planned for almost nine (9) months now with both managers vetting each other’s skills taking great pains to ensure that their customers will gain from this overall experience. Craven and Claude have sat down and had “brain-storm sessions” with cross-sharing of ideas and have already made substantial improvements to the running of both their respective companies. They have streamlined their businesses to be significantly more efficient. They have compatible management styles as well as technical support abilities to ensure best advice to their customers. Craven is taking a step back from the company, however. After 21 years of running the company, he wanted to ensure his customers were in good hands and he feels they are – as he takes on his next project/adventure.

Have you considered a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES?

Are you a Port Elizabeth Company that needs 1st world, world class support in East London branch  and surrounding areas – or in the Eastern Cape and need support in remote locations?

Why have the hassle of a full-time employee with no backup to assist, no-one to check on them?

Full-time employees take leave, are sick, need “you” to check up on them. Let us manage your IT for you – the right way, right advice, saving you down-time, productivity, costs in the process.

Call us.

Claude Botha

established 1998

UPDATE: 15th February 2018 / Craven Coetzee stepping away entirely and emigrating to New Zealand citing political concerns / well-being in South Africa:


Microsoft, one of the early adopters of #BITCOIN has ditched the crypto-token.

It joins other companies that have lost faith in #cryptocurrencies such as DELL, Steam and Newegg.

They cite volatility, high transaction fees.


Microsoft drops Bitcoin support [Update: it’s back]

“INTEL” Security Flaw – not only Intel – Apple / ARM / Cortex-A also affected

In case you haven’t heard, a security flaw was found in Intel Chips (and others) dating back over a decade. Even the latest chips have it. The hardware can’t be “patched” / fixed with a microcode update with a result that the operating system designer has to modify their O/S or kernel to accommodate / mitigate the hardware error. A side-effect of this may be a knock in performance in some situations.

Regarding the security flaw. Your PC won’t (necessarily) slow down 30%. Performance knock should not that big a deal and it’s not only Intel. It’s pretty much EVERY chip manufacturer. PC’s, phones, tablets, notebooks.

Just as the printed and social media (your friend Bob eager to share the latest gossip – from 1997) has a tendency to often get other things dead wrong #FakeNews and make a huge mountain of hype out of a molehill regarding Internet Related stories (eg. #BITcoin) – it’s not only Trump – it’s a actually a “thing” on the internet – the rush to be the FIRST (click-bait) and not necessarily factually correct. It’s a case of “share first”, “fact check” later. We’re looking at you “Wall Street Journal” #PewDiePie

You would swear it’s Intel PC Armageddon the way the media are carrying on and the youtube video click-bait is forming about a 30% knock in performance.

This patch should be coming out on the next “Patch Tuesday” for Microsoft. Mac O/S has partially implemented a fix. No news on the Apple phones yet, though. Who knows “when” with Linux and how many distributions are actually affected. Google’s official android and Chrome O/S should see a patch on about the 5th January 2018 or so.

Google’s Project Zero details CPU security flaw as well as patches for Android, Chrome, more

“FRANKFURT/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Security researchers on Wednesday disclosed a set of security flaws that they said could let hackers steal sensitive information from nearly every modern computing device containing chips from Intel Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc and ARM Holdings. “

REUTERS: Security flaws put virtually all phones, computers at risk

This is the second time a security flaw has been found this year – and it won’t be the last, CPU’s are complex things with billions of transistors. Expect more cross-platform product design “contamination” as there are not a heck of a lot of CPU architecture designers and as they flip-flop between companies, good ideas and bad ones will be shared. It’s only human.

I do, however, find it amusing that Apple may actually have another reason to slow down not only your phone, tablet this time, but also their PC’s. ~CC

Apple: Yes, we’re slowing down older iPhones

DISCLAIMER: this blogger uses both an Apple SE and ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom cell phone. Both are awesome.

HOW TO set up an out of office reply for Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010

It’s that time of year again! You need to set an “out of office” or auto-responder. It is one of the most requested things we get asked to do by customers. If you don’t have this facility with your e-mail, it’s time to upgrade your mail to Office 365 Exchange Online – maybe even upgrade your IT support company for not telling you to do this in 2013 already! Outlook is so much more now than “just e-mail” – Office 365 Exchange Online allows sharing of diaries/calendars, shared To Do lists, contacts, synchronized mail and more!

No video playing – only sound? CLICK HERE to go direct to the video on YouTube

Applies to Microsoft Outlook connected to a corporate-class e-mail service – either an On-Site dedicated, local Microsoft Exchange Server or to a cloud-connected Office 365 Exchange Online Plan account.