Craven from Kondura Technologies chats about and shows you what those dangerous actually mails do when you open them, what those scammers want from you. Opens a bunch of e-mails from scammers, identity theft cyber-criminals and phishers – The United Nations, IMF, Western Union all offer me money. DO NOT open these e-mails either at home or at work. DO NOT open any URL links or e-mail any of these e-mail addresses. This was done in a contained, secure environment. Also, note the numerous disclaimers mentioned in the video – these mails DO NOT originate from the banks, institutions /or individuals they claim to come from! Any e-mail address can be spoofed. It is beyond the control of the institutions

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PLEASE, under no circumstance are you to try anything shown in this video. This will compromise your company, your computer, possibly do great damage and possibly cause loss of data.

This is in a carefully controlled environment and you can witness a LIVE ping-back / attempt to hack us.

Even when done, we reloaded the firewall, the PC’s – just to be safe we were clean. There is always someone smarter than you – no matter how many precautions you take. Be safe!

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