To all customers of and suppliers to KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES, please be advised that we have NOT opened a new branch at 208 Cape Road. There is a company that has just put up a sign labeled “Kondura”. We are at 193 Cape Road and they are only a few houses up from us. This post is a public relations service alert/announcement to avoid confusion.

To contact the original Kondura Technologies, call 0861 642580 or e-mail

Ensure you stop at KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES at 193 Cape Road when you are looking for KONDURA and first class CCTV installations and professional IT support.

To all our Customers and Suppliers: If you’ve heard of Kondura or been told to use “Kondura for IT” or been told “Our IT guys are from Kondura”, please note that “we”, our company is the original KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC established in Port Elizabeth by Craven Coetzee in 1998 and later purchased by Mr Claude Botha of Jocote Technologies (Pty) Ltd. in 2018 – retaining ALL original staff members & technicians – and same levels of service excellence in IT service, consulting and sales. Craven Coetzee had been using the name “Kondura” since about 1991 (see business card and LinkedIn Profile) in East London and later, Port Elizabeth.

Although we ARE one of the leading CCTV installers, suppliers and CCTV specialists in Port Elizabeth, we are NOT trading as Kondura CCTV Specialists, not associated with this company nor or msecure or in any way whatsoever. We own the domains and and have been trading in Port Elizabeth under the “Kondura” brand since 1998.

We don’t only do CCTV, however. KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES is a full-fledged IT solution provider offering turn-key solutions including IT sales, consulting, service, support, access control, bio-metrics, cabling and a host of other supported services.

This new “kondura” company and its employees are completely and utterly unrelated to us and appear to be simply using our brand name. This apparently didn’t work out well for another company using our brand a few years ago as they appeared to suddenly drop off the face of the earth.

In a similar situation prior to 2013 when KMS, Kondura Maintenance Services started trading (and we were led at the time to believe – from numerous queries from account departments to our offices, but can’t confirm, that that particular CCTV company went into liquidation (EDIT: apparently they just went dormant according to a director, Mr Leon Bezuidenhout) . Craven Coetzee was even intimated to be associated with them (KMS) and attacked regarding allegedly bad debt on a public forum which prompted us to write a PR letter at the time to protect our credibility and reputation with our suppliers.) – we are not sure if it is the same company (EDIT: apparently it is) trying to re-establish itself or what their intentions are or if they are, why they are no longer trading as Kondura Maintenance Services aka KMS?

We feel we are obligated to make a clear distinction between OUR company, our services and theirs.

We would like to warn suppliers, customers to please exercise caution when ordering stock, accepting quotes to double-check that you are not confusing us with them. KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES has a solid reputation in Port Elizabeth both with our CCTV, IT, Sales, Support and Consulting. 

We are also not associated in any way whatsoever with the branch manager, Jonathan H. nor any of their employees or representatives.

We are the original KONDURA TECHOLOGIES who have been established in Port Elizabeth and trading since 1998.

We we tried to contact them, but their phone just rang. We will be raising this matter via our attorneys shortly.

~ Jocote Technologies T/A KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES (previously known as KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC)

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (FOR IMAGES USED): Mr Jonathan Heath profile publicly available on LinkedIn (and hence in the public domain) here: CLICK HERE – screenshots have been made to ensure there are no denials nor possible legal repercussions if the account is suspended
DISCLAIMER – edited from original for clarity and better historical perspective 9 Nov 2018.


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